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ReCall Radio

Listen to this week's ReCall Broadcast: Connections Part 2

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ReCall is the radio ministry of Gateway Calvary Chapel. It represents an undercurrent that is present in every ministry of our church. The thing is, there are many Christians who have previously responded to the call to be a serious disciple of Jesus. But their current status does not reflect that response. ReCall is simply our way of trying to encourage people to get back into the work of the Kingdom (Matthew 9:37-38). It is never too late to move in the direction of God's will.

Perhaps you remember the bumper sticker that was popular a few years back:

"God is not finished with me yet."


The sad reality is that some sincere Christians have come to an entirely different conclusion:

"God is not finished with me. yet"


There was a time when these folks had a burning desire to be used by God for His purposes. They dreamed that their great desire to be useful in the work of the Lord would one day blossom into reality. But for one reason or another (and there are so many possibilities), things changed. Life can be hard, and the dreams that were once held so dear became increasingly dim and distant; out of reach and eventually out of the question. The vision was quietly abandoned. Like others before them, they quietly settled into the routine of a "normal" life, with all that that entails. But every now and then, they would remember the call, and the touch of God. Not surprisingly, the memories still deeply affected them. And on such occasions they would wistfully think, "What if...?"


If you identify in any way with that scenario, I have a few questions for you.


  • What if the possibility remains for a return to functional discipleship, even if you thought it was too late or too much to hope for?

  • What if you found out your spiritual gifts and calling are still there, essentially intact?

  •    And what if God has in fact been calling you back to pick up where you left off? Would you be interested? And willing?

There are others like you. Others who are joyously re-discovering the call of God all over again. Hope has returned, and with fresh hope comes a renewed ability to pursue God and his ways. And just for the record, let me say it again...


There was a man in the Bible who felt like his best days were behind him. He too had begun with high expectations and big dreams of being used by God. And for a while, he was. But a major failure on his part demolished his sense of destiny, and left him reeling. Not knowing what else to do, he began to move in the direction of his former profession. Fortunately, a timely intervention took place and redirected him back to the call upon his life. His name: Simon Peter. His failure: a triple denial of Christ. And his recovery? Secured on the basis of a heart-to-heart talk with Jesus, with only one issue to resolve: "Do you love me?" With Simon Peter's affirmative answer to that question, Jesus gave him one fundamental directive: "Feed My sheep."

That, coupled with the universal command: "Follow Me." (see John chapter 21)

Could it be that the biggest hurdle standing between you and your destiny is a lie from the devil? A lie that says that God is finished with you? Think about it: isn't Scripture essentially the record of God's continual call to people to return to Him? That's how it was with Moses. And Jonah. And Peter. Your situation is not so unique. The Bible is full of second chances. Don't be fooled-

Jesus is not running low on grace just yet.

But He did seem a bit concerned regarding the shortage of laborers for the harvest. (Matthew 9:36-38)

Recognize the lie for what it is: an attempt of the enemy to steal your availability to the Kingdom of God. How's this for some perspective-The time is short, and you must be about your Father's business. Be honest with yourself-wouldn't you love just one more chance to rise to the occasion and answer the call to radical discipleship?

ReCall-It means what it says. God is still calling, and your best days are not behind you. Certainly not when the Lord promises to be with you.

Maybe there are issues you need to address in your life. OK, fine. Jesus is up to the task of discipling you. But the main question still remains...will you answer the call once again?

ReCall. Not just a radio program, but a philosophy of ministry. At Gateway Calvary Chapel, we understand second chances very well. And we will be here for you, to talk, to pray, and by God's grace, to help you dream again. It's happening for others. Why not for you?

Come by the church and see for yourself. Our service begins each Sunday at 10 a.m. And if by chance you're not up to a church visit just yet, tune in to our weekly broadcast. Saturdays at 6:30 a.m. and Sundays at 11:00 a.m. on radio station KKXX. 930 AM and 1450 FM.

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